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IDEX LYON Master of Science in Acoustics - Université de Lyon Master in Acoustics of Lyon
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The Master's degree in Acoustics is a two-year graduate program offered by the Université de Lyon, in the framework of the Centre Lyonnais d'Acoustique, a partnership between the main research teams working in acoustics in Lyon. The program is coordinated by the Ecole Centrale de Lyon and Polytech-Lyon (the engineering school of the Université Lyon 1), in collaboration with the Insa-Lyon and the ENTPE.
  • psychoacoustique, perception voix
  • anechoic wind tunnel of ECL
  • tramway antenne localisation
  • Impinging Supersonic Jet
  • Thermoacoustics
  • Supersonic Jet Schlieren
  • Tumeur image ultrasonore 3D HF 50MHz
  • Impinging supersonic jet - Bogey
  • perception audition
  • Nonlinear acoustic propagation
  • Measurement of Noise Tramway
  • The Master's degree in Acoustics offers training in many areas of acoustics such as sound perception and sound quality, medical ultrasound, aeroacoustics, vibroacoustics, notably with application to air and ground transportation systems. The training is based on theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches, including projects conducted in our partner research laboratories, and a semester-long placement in an academic laboratory or in a research and development department (R&D) in industry.
    After graduation, this program allows students to join a R&D department in industry (transportation, energy, building, health), to become a consultant in acoustics, vibrations, aeroacoustics or medical systems, or to continue with a Ph.D. thesis carried out in a research laboratory or in collaboration with an industrial partner.
  • The Master's degree in Acoustics is backed by 4 internationally recognized engineering schools, 9 research laboratories of the Université de Lyon and CeLyA, a partnership between the main research teams working in acoustics in Lyon.
    This training program, is recognized by major industrial groups, consultancy firms and research laboratories worldwide.
  • The program is open to students from France and abroad. A significant part of the training involves the gradual acquisition of scientific communication skills in English, especially by offering high-level scientific lectures in English and worldwide internship opportunities. The students enrolled in the Master's program also have the opportunity to improve their level in French. Internships can be achieved abroad in order to facilitate your professional integration in an international context.
  • Numerous elective and specialised courses dealing with various fields in acoustics, vibration and signal processing are offered. These courses are delivered by members of the Centre Lyonnais d’Acoustique (CeLyA) but also by industrial partners.
    The Master's program can also be followed as continuing education.
    The engineering students from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Polytec-Lyon, INSA-Lyon, ENTPE and ECAM, may apply to the M2 year as part of their engineering cursus (the so-called double cursus).
    Students with a Master of Science, or at least with a first-year M1, in Mechanics, Physics and Mechanical engineering can also apply directly for the second year of the program.
  • Lyon is a city of history, listed as part of UNESCO’s World Heritage since 1998, making it Europe’s 2nd-largest Renaissance site after Venice. Every year, several million tourists come to visit Lyon. The capital of the Gauls has become a favourite destination for travellers thanks to its charm and the quality of its cultural life.
    Lyon has 150 000 students including 15 000 foreign students, at the city’s 4 universities and 54 institutes of higher education. The city thus offers a virtually endless range of higher education opportunities. The Université de Lyon is France’s 2nd-largest scientific hub.
    Lyon is France’s 3rd International airport, and has 3 TGV stations allowing easy access to the city for students from all around the world.
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Master of Science in Acoustics - Université de Lyon, France