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Master of  Science in  Acoustics   -  Lyon, France Master in Acoustics
 Université de Lyon   ECLyon   ENTPE   Insa-Lyon   Univ-Lyon1 

The MSc in Acoustics of Lyon is a two-year graduate program offered by the Université de Lyon, in the framework of the Centre Lyonnais d'Acoustique, an alliance of the main research teams working in acoustics in Lyon. The program is coordinated by the Ecole Centrale de Lyon and Polytech'Lyon (the engineering school of the Université Lyon 1), in collaboration with the Insa de Lyon and the ENTPE.
  • psychoacoustique, perception voix
  • anechoic wind tunnel of ECL
  • tramway antenne localisation
  • Impinging Supersonic Jet
  • Thermoacoustics
  • Supersonic Jet Schlieren
  • Tumeur image ultrasonore 3D HF 50MHz
  • Impinging supersonic jet - Bogey
  • perception audition
  • Nonlinear acoustic propagation
  • Measurement of Noise Tramway
The objective of the MSc in Acoustics of Lyon, is to train engineers and scientists for the industry and research laboratories in an international context. After completion of the MSc program, the graduated student is able to tackle acoustic topics encountered in the industry and more specifically, to address research & development issues.


To reach this goal, the program is not only based on a thorough training in various fields of acoustics, but also provides a background in Mechanics, an insight into the industrial context as well as skills in scientific communication. In particular students are given the opportunity to improve their level in English and/or another foreign language but also to learn French.


Professional perspectives
The MSc program offers many professional perspectives, among them:
  • R & D departments of and large companies in the fields of transportation, energy, building and health,
  • Consulting for small and medium enterprise in acoustics, vibrations, aeroacoustics or medical systems,
  • PhD studies towards an academic or industrial research career.
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Master of Science in Acoustics - University of Lyon, France