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Université de Lyon Master of Science in Acoustics - Université de Lyon Master in Acoustics of Lyon
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You can choose almost all your courses according to your professional project (e.g. Aeroacoustics, Enginering noise, Vibrations, Ultrasound): pdf MScAcous-M2-ListCourses.pdf
  • Student enrolled in the full second year program: The theoretical cursus must be composed of 7 teaching units, including the common course Advanced acoustics, 5 courses in the list provided below, and 1 general course in any other master program (including the Master of Acoustics !). Your research internship must be carried out in a research laboratory or a R&D department in industry, in France or abroad.
  • Engineering student at ECL in double cursus: your cursus must be composed of 6 teaching units, including the common course Advanced acoustics, and thus 5 other courses in the list provided below. Your research internship must be carried out in the framework of your TFE.
General information:
pdf MScAcous_slides_cb1.pdf    pdf Soutenance master Insa 2017.pdf    MScAcous-calendrier-2017-2018.xlsx

   Mandatory course (duplicate at ECL and at INSA)

  • Advanced acoustics (ECL-MoD 7.3bis - V. Clair, Tuesday 14h-16h)
  • Acoustique avancée (INSA-CM1 - L. Maxit)

   List of unit teaching (your choice must be validated by the Prof. in charge of the master)

  • Environmental acoustics (ECL-MoD 1.6 - M.A. Galland / D. Juvé, Friday 15h45-17h45)
  • Aeroacoustics (ECL-MoD 7.5 - D. Dragna / M. Roger, Friday 13h30-15h30)
  • Active control of noise and vibrations (ECL-MoS 1.4 - M. Ichchou / M.A. Galland, Friday 8h-12h15)
  • Transportation noise (ECL-MoS 1.2 - M. Ichchou / D. Juvé / D. Dragna, Wednesday 8h-12h15)
  • Fluid - structure interactions (ECL-MoD 8.1 - M. Ichchou / G. Robert, Monday 8h-10h)
  • Propagation of elastic waves (ECL-MoD 3.1 - L. Jézequel / S. Besset, Monday 8h-10h)
  • Introduction to nonlinear vibrations (ECL-MoD 1.5 - J. Perret-Liaudet / F. Thouverez, Friday 13h30-15h30)
  • Structural dynamics (ECL-MoD 7.4 - O. Dessombz / L. Jézequel, Tuesday 16h15-18h15)
  • Building acoustics (ENTPE, C. Marquis-Favre)
    pdf EntpeAccess.pdf pdf EntpeRoom.pdf pdf EntpePlanning_BuildingAcoustics.pdf
  • Sound perception (INSA-CM2, E. Parizet, 2nd semestre)
  • Sound radiation of structures (INSA-CM3, B. Laulagnet)
  • Transportation noise (INSA-CM4, E. Parizet)
  • Ultrasound imagery (Master ISM - S. Catheline, Lyon 1)
  • Ultrasound applications (INSA-CM5, P. Guy)
    pdf INSA-CM5-planning.pdf
  • Physics of turbulent flows (ECL-MoD 1.4 - C. Bailly / C. Bogey / D. Dragna, Tuesday 16h15-18h15)
  • External aerodynamics (ECL-MoD 5.6 - J. Boudet / J. Scott, Friday 15h45-17h15)
  • Numerical simulation of flows (ECL-MoD 1.1 - C. Corre / F. Godeferd, Monday 8h-12h15)
  • Dynamic of biological human systems (ECL-MoD 6.6 - L. Blanc / D. Dragna, Friday 15h45-17h45)
  • System identification and sparse decompositions (ECL-MoD 3.4 - J. Huillery / L. Bako, Tuesday 16h15-18h15)
  • Numerical methods for acoustics (CeLyA, D. Dragna)
    pdf Numerical_methods_2017_2018_v2.pdf
  • Physical problems in unbounded media: mathematical analysis and numerics (ECL-MoS 5.3, G. Vial)
Master of Science in Acoustics - Université de Lyon, France