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The recruitment will be divided into two campaigns: from December 15th to February 15th 2020,
and from March 15th to May 15th 2020.
Deadline for application for engineering students from University of Lyon: September 15, 2020
  • Application to the first year (M1)
    A Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in the field of science or engineering, for example Mechanics, Physics, Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering, is required to be eligible for the Master of Science in Acoustics. (According to European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), the minimum number of credits required is 180, which normally corresponds to having completed a three-year Bachelor program.) Furthermore, because lectures are provided in English and French, a good oral and written comprehension in English or French is necessary. Students are then selected upon their motivation and academic record file by the MScAcoustics' Pedagogic Commission.
    Accessing the online application (To apply for the 1st year)
  • Application to the second year (M2)
    Candidates with a Master of Science (or at least with a M1) in Mechanics, Physics and Mechanical engineering can also apply directly for the second year of the program.
    Accessing the online application (To apply for the 2nd year)
  • Dual cursus for the M2 year
    Master's degree in Acoustics (M2) when you are an engineering student from ECLyon, INSA, ENTPE, Polytech-Lyon (and also ECAM): please contact your local correspondent in your engineering school !


Enrollment Fees (2019-2020)
  • For french students (or foreign students already enrolled in a french program) the tuition fees for Master's registration are of 243 € per year.
  • For engineering students from ECLyon, INSA, ENTPE, Polytech-Lyon (and also ECAM), the tuition fees for the M2 year in a dual cursus are of 159 € (reduced rate for a second enrollment).
  • For EU and international students, the annual tuition fees for Master's registration are of 3770 €.
All students have to pay student's health insurance (around 220 € per year).
All students of the MSc in Acoustics are registered in the 4 engineering schools of the Master (ECLyon, Polytech'Lyon, InsaLyon, ENTPE), and thus may benefit from the convenience of the 4 schools (university libraries, sport, associations, research laboratories).


Additional administrative formalities for non-EEA citizens
If you are not a citizen of an EEA country then you will in most cases need a visa to study in France. In this case, please submit your application as early as possible to obtain an early evaluation of your eligibility, in order to allow for sufficient time to obtain a visa and to handle other formalities. The CampusFrance agency has the mission to promote studying in France and to help candidates with obtaining their student's visa from the French embassy in their country of residence.
Master of Sciences in Acoustics - University of Lyon