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Lyon is a city of history, listed as part of UNESCO’s World Heritage since 1998, making it Europe’s 2nd-largest Renaissance site after Venice. Every year, several million tourists come to visit Lyon. The capital of the Gauls has become a favourite destination for travellers thanks to its charm and the quality of its cultural life. Lyon has 150 000 students including 15 000 foreign students, at the city’s 4 universities and 54 institutes of higher education. The city thus offers a virtually endless range of higher education opportunities. The Université de Lyon is France’s 2nd-largest scientific hub. Lyon is France’s 3rd International airport, and has 3 TGV stations allowing easy access to the city for students from all around the world.
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"Soccer fans should set their sights on France this summer, and especially Lyon, where positive thinking in some circles holds that American women will clinch their fourth World Cup title in the final match on July 7. Even if you can’t get tickets — or détestez le football — the city of half a million people and 4,000 restaurants is well worth a visit. This year Lyon plays host to one of four countrywide International City of Gastronomy projects, an indoor, one-acre exhibition that includes interactive workshops and conferences designed to showcase France’s cuisine and its contributions to health and pleasure. The exhibition fits inside the Grand Hôtel Dieu, a sprawling complex first founded in the 1300s that reopens after four years of renovations with shops, restaurants, public spaces and a five-star hotel. When it comes time to work off all those plates of pork sausage, hike in nearby Écrins National Park, where traditional working dogs protect herds of sheep. Book a stay at the Temple-Écrins hut, where workers recently wrapped up three years of renovations." (The New York Times, Jan. 2019)


The first year program (M1) takes place at Polytech'Lyon on the LyonTech-LaDoua Campus The specialized courses of the second year program (M2) take place on the different campuses